Accomplishing Goals Without Sacrificing Values

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Sam Tarell is a serial entrepreneur and TEDx speaker. He's the founder of Divergent U, a one year alternative to college in Orlando, Florida to help students discover their professional purpose and achieve their dream lifestyle. 

Key Takeaways:
  • Values, goals, and process is a key framework to follow when getting into Divergent thinking. This is an important framework because it teaches leaders, or encourages them, to stay hands off when it comes to process. This is another way to enact empowerment. If someone can accomplish the goals without sacrificing the values. Then why would we care about the process?
  • Before we answer what we should do, we need to answer who we are.
  • It's important to define your core values and then have touch points to determine if you are meeting or practicing them.
  • If two people are in charge of a goal, no one is in charge.
  • Many times leaders need to not think they have to not be nice to increase their authority. You should always be nice, but you can increase your authority index while keeping your empathy index.
  • We need to get students focused on their ability to articulate their interests and passions. Then they can act rather than waiting to be acted on. 
  • It's about farming, your desires so that they come to you rather than hunting them down.
  • Don't be a marked zebra.
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Accomplishing Goals Without Sacrificing Values