The Importance of Involving Parents

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Harvey Hazen was a public school educator for 37 years. He was a teacher, counselor, high school principal and vice principal, middle school principal and district superintendent. During that time Harvey followed the progress of many students' careers as they went off to college. Many of them were less than successful even though they left high school with great academic records. Over the years he talked with many of them. Many reported two things to Harvey. Their program simply seemed to lack relevance and they had a very hard time adapting their learning style to the college demands. Thinking back over his own college career Harvey realized that in the beginning he’d had much the same experience. Then a very perceptive College Professor took Harvey under his wing and he began to thrive because he realized the relevance of the learning experience and his professor helped Harvey adapt his learning style. Harvey hopes his experience will help students who are currently not meeting their goals and currently works as a consultant and owner of Hazen Educational Consulting to further that cause.

Key Takeaways:
  • If given the right incentives, every kid can learn.
  • Because every kid is valuable, they can positively contribute to society if given the right tools and abilities to do so.
  • We have to work at getting under the different masks that people wear so we can reach the authentic human underneath.
  • We need to help parents learn skills to positively engage with the school and advocate for their children.
  • The stronger connection you have with community and parents, the more you can do for your students and staff.
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The Importance of Involving Parents