Changing Professional Development to Professional Learning

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Dr. Melinda Vandevort is a dynamic educator, career transition coach, and podcast host. With a passion for professional development, she guides educators on their journey to leadership roles through her podcast, Empowered Educator. As a former teacher who successfully transitioned into a leadership position, Dr. Mel offers valuable insights and actionable advice to help educators realize their leadership potential. Her mission is to empower educators to make a lasting impact on education while finding fulfillment in their careers.

Key Takeaways:
There are a lot of people who are able to be really good leaders. They just need guidance in making the decision to move in that direction.
Leaders need to know their people well enough to know when they need to be in a different role.
Professional learning needs to be job embedded, ongoing, and relevant to teachers if it is going to be effective.
Professional learning is when you're immersed in continuous improvement rather than the one time deal of professional development.
We have to leverage the people that we already have if we want to make significant change in our schools.
You can't know you're what and how without first knowing your why.

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Changing Professional Development to Professional Learning