Seen and Known

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Innovative business management professional experienced in academics, education, admissions, and non-profit development. An energetic creative visionary and strategic organizational leader, possessing a growth-oriented solution driven mindset, and effective communication, relationship building, project planning, complex problem solving, and change management skills. Analytical, decisive, and influential in driving profitability and creating working cultures where team members thrive. A highly self-aware functional collaborator and individual contributor enthusiastic about adding value within a mission driven organization. Ross is excellent at connecting people. He is passionate about putting people in touch with each other so they can benefit. Ross created a day of service event in his school to bring families together as a community. They served each other and then had time to reflect on it to build a sense of belongings to a greater purpose.

Some Key Takeaways:
  • More and more educators are getting into the profession because of the experience they had. They are looking to improve on what they experienced.
  • Always work to be a positive influence in someone's life, including setting boundaries and helping build skills.
  • A servant leader's greatest tool to build relationships is listening to, asking questions, and seeing people, so they are valued.
  • Constructive criticism is good, but you must always try to bring a solution when you are addressing or pointing out a problem.
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Seen and Known